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Ivan the Tolerable - Gentle Blood Blue cassette



Brand new offering from Middlesbrough UK's Ivan the Tolerable. Ivan (Oli Hefferman) is prolific to say the least. With musical duties in Year of Birds, Detective Instinct, King Champion Sounds, and others, he still manages to find time in solo work as Ivan the Tolerable. You might think time stretched that thin would produce some kind of drop in quality but you would be wrong. "Gentle Blood Blue" is as good they come. Distorted vocals cut through piercing guitar lines with what sounds like actual drums to make a cacophony of beauty and discord. People have made comparisons to The Fall in the past and there is some Mark Smith vocal kinda thing going on but this tape stands on its own and holds its own weight. Established fans and newcomers alike will rejoice with this one.

Over 20 minutes of music. Pro dubbed double sided tapes. Pro printed double sided full color covers. Color labels on "Blood Blue" cassettes. Edition of 50.